Paul H. Lee

Achieving permanent legal resident status in the United States may never have been more difficult for professionals and business people than it is today. Fortunately, attorney Paul Lee operates a niche law practice that provides determined legal representation for high-level immigration candidates.

Attorney Lee gained valuable experience while working on Wall Street as an arbitrage trader. There, he became immersed in the world of federal rules and regulations that govern the investment banking industry. The rigors of successfully working in the financial sector prepared him for the stringent employment and investment immigration bureaucracy that has held too many wonderful entrepreneurs and uniquely skilled individuals back. Attorney Lee employs a knowledge-based approach to creating an immigration petition strategy that ties together areas of national interest and federal law.

Serving A National And International Client Base

Although based in New York City, the national wing of his law practice is not limited to the region. Attorney Lee routinely engages in opportunities for clients that include New York investment banking, Texas oil and gas companies, West Coast tech and semiconductor organizations among many others. On the international stage, attorney Lee works with immigration candidates in India, China and Pakistan among others. At the end of the day, the United States is a melting pot of talented people that raise the cultural and economic bar. That’s why attorney Lee helps many of the best, brightest and dedicated business investors work through the strenuous immigration system.

Attorney Lee Leads A Targeted Employment Immigration Law Firm

While many lawyers take a broad approach to their practice, attorney Lee has focused the bulk of his legal resources on immigration. Honing in on that niche area of the law has earned him a reputation for creating detailed and forceful immigration plans for industry professionals and investors. By understanding each client’s goals, background and the assets they bring to the table he is able to tailor the best possible visa application.

At his boutique law firm, attorney Lee leads a team specializing in employment-based immigration tailored for the corporate, financial, energy, technology, semiconductor technology, clinical research, & scientific research sectors. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the Law Offices of Paul H. Lee in New York City.